September 26, 2019

Color Vision Doyennes; Ameli Isungset Agbota

By Iben Bergstrøm
Color Vision Doyennes; Ameli Isungset Agbota

Actress and passionate football player Ameli is nothing short of a bundle of joy. Her charisma and passion for her occupation is so inspirational, and she has great style. In between combat training and learning to play the clarinet - I got to join Ameli for a day at work at Den Nationale scene!



When did you figure out that acting was your passion?


I never thought I was going to be an actress and make a living out of it. My parents are both teachers and very down to earth, so I assumed I'd follow the same path. I'd been doing theater since I was 10 years old though, and I absolutely loved it. While I was in elementary school my class went to see a play revolving around injustice and love, and I was simply mind blown. It made a huge impression on me. I found it so exciting to watch real people in real time - it hit me in the heart. So I thought; this is my calling! I joined the local theater and continued studying drama at high school. Then some of my classmates applied for The Academy of Theater. I wasn't accepted the first time, but I'd learned a valuable lesson - I can make a living as an actress. So I applied the next year and got in.



I like people, perhaps most of all people who try to put themselves in other peoples shoes!
- Ameli



A typical day in Ameli's life?


Being an actress at DNS makes my days and weeks quite varied! Usually I have rehearsals for a new play during daytime, and act in a play in the evening. No day is the same, and I'm very pleased with that. And with every project comes new challenges, like the combat training we're practicing for Wendy and Peter Pan - playing at DNS this fall. Earlier this year I learned to play the clarinet! I love trying new things, but I'm kinda lazy. So it's great to have a job where I constantly have to learn new things!




I think the world would be a better place with more drama and playing in school, so people could rehearse understanding one another!
- Ameli



What is fashion to you?


Well, I love clothes and care about the garments in my closet. But it hasn't always been like that! I loved playing dress-up as a child, but I think as an adult my awareness around how my everyday clothes makes me feel has increased. How clothes can provide a specific feeling, give me a boost or let me hide away. As an adult I also buy more secondhand and vintage, and I care about where and how my clothes are made.



Is color important to you?


A couple of years ago I actively pursued the goal of having more colors in my wardrobe. It could have gone better, because I wear a lot of black, blue, grey and white. I love colors, and I wish I was better at wearing it. But, I would love to feel good in colors - because colors makes me happy!


Ameli wears BARBARA wool knit dress, AUDREY wool crepe blouseMIA mikado dress and CATHERINE wool and angora skirt.


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