November 09, 2019

Color Vision Doyennes; Furniture designer Stine Aas

By Iben Bergstrøm
Color Vision Doyennes; Furniture designer Stine Aas

Stine Aas, a graduate of the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, debuted on the Norwegian design scene just a few years ago, and since then, has produced a range of furniture and interior accessories that industry insiders describe as ground-breaking.I was lucky enough to have a sit-down with the shooting star for Color Vision Doyennes – in the midst of moving her studio from Berlin to Bergen.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue a design career?

I’ve always been very into esthetics and form. I think I’ve always been aware of my passion for making objects somehow. I always liked math in school, solving puzzles. At the same time my favourite class was arts and crafts and for a long time I wanted to be a ceramics artist. After studying art for two years, I found that furniture design was the obvious choice, since it connects both the technical part, but also the creative, sculptural part that I love.

Photo Robert Hamacher


What is fashion to you?

Fashion, like furniture design, is very expressive – and tells a story about who you are and who you want to be. Both fields are also connected by trends and consumerism – something I’m very conscious about. I try to pick quality over quantity. When I design I work on locating the essence of what I design. Design tells a story about the age we live in, but to create timeless products I think you need to have a different motivation than trends. I try to cultivate my ideas in a simple and honest way. The same concept I believe applies to the fashion world. I inherit clothes from friends and family, and I generally buy very few garments. It’s about prioritizing, but also a conscious choice – if I buy something, I really need it.

Photo Jarle D Haukeland

Photo Trine Hisdal

Are you into colors?

I love colors! Walking around town or being or in nature I find colors which I’m completely mesmerized by! Some colors compliment a different color, a special color combination or simply an intense solid color brings me a lot of joy! When it comes to clothes I tend to go neutral, but I’d love to wear more color.


Photo Northern

Photo Johanne Karlsrud

A typical day in Stines life?

A typical day in my life starts with me arriving at work(studio) a little later than planned. My projects are different from day to day, I love that about my trade! Almost nothing is routine, there is always something to learn and new projects which require a different take. I tend to work a little later than planned too. The only routine I try to start and keep is working out. It makes me happy!

Photo Northern

Photo Johanne Karlsrud

What’s happening in your life right now?

Right now I have a lot of projects to juggle – the last months has been really busy which is really a luxury problem. Very soon I will launch something new with Dims – a new exciting American manufacturer and I am really looking forward to this. I am also just finished judging projects in the DOGA jury (Design prize in Norway) and this has been very inspiring.

Photo Jarle D Haukeland

How do you feel about moving back to Bergen?

I have spent one year in Berlin which has been great – lots of new impulses and perspectives. But it has also made me appreciate everything we have here in Bergen. There is such a strong community and so much support that you might take for granted. Bergen is a great cultural city! Right now I am in the process of moving back in to my old studio in Magnus Barfotsgate and I am looking forward to get settled again.

Photo by Northern


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