July 29, 2019

Color Vision Doyennes; Hilde Sandvik

By Iben Bergstrøm
Color Vision Doyennes; Hilde Sandvik

I've seldom been happier than when I was able to interview journalist and entrepreneur Hilde Sandvik. She's a firework of a lady, intelligent, stylish and a magician with interior design.

I was lucky enough to spend the morning with Hilde in her new apartment in Bergen. Stepping into an oasis of shapes, textures and eye catching objects uniquely Hilde - left me grateful, to be submerged in her universe on a gloomy Bergen morning with the rain pouring down outside.


Many know Hilde as the culture editor of BT, one of the biggest newspapers in Norway. After 10 years she quit to follow her passion; "I'm building a scandinavian medium because I believe all conversations become more interesting as soon as you put swedes and danes in the mix."


Once a month Hilde hosts a talkshow at Litteraturhuset called "Norsken, Svensken og Dansken". The show also airs on norwegian radiochannel P2. "It looks like we'll be stepping it up come fall, and create one podcast a week" Hilde adds. She's also joined forces with Leisa Rossow and Mona Ibrahim Ahmed - to build a company working primarly towards brothers with minority backgrounds. Hilde is also an active boardmember in several companies, holds talks and debates. Juggling two companies and being a prominent advocate for political conversations with our neighboring countries, Hilde truly has her fingers in many pies.



I'm into well cut clothes, high quality textiles and sustainability. I have clothes in my wardrobe turning 60, 30 and 20 years old!
- Hilde

Is there any time for fashion?

Trends aren't important to me, but since I was a child I've valued clothes for their expression. My grandma used to make us costumes, and taught us to go treasure hunting in secondhand stores. One of my favorite garments my sister bought me at a flea market a long time ago. It's a short, orange knitted sweater from the sixties. I've washed it once - high quality wool is self-cleansing - and it is in mint condition. Nobody makes that kind of wool anymore. Instead garments are made to be worn out and tossed after a short time. This is one of the biggest environmental challenges we face, and the textile industry needs to take this seriously. I've stopped buying new clothes, unless they are manufactured sustainable and locally - like these pants!


When I was 4 years old I decided to dress in yellow for the rest of my life
- Hilde on her love of color


Is color important to you?


I love colors - and they make me happy. I think our part of the country is so grey, that we're literally going to drown if we only wear grey and black. I don't understand the fear of using clear, strong colors and I wonder why so many people tend to feel this way. The skin absorbs color, and colors which does not suit you can make your face disappear. And the opposite; colors which suit you makes your face come alive. If you don't know which colors make you shine, hold the garment close to your face - if the skin looks dull and grey the color is no good.


Very few people look good in black, whilst colors let you hit the nuances of the day.

- Hilde Sandvik


Two looks with the FARRAH wool knit trousers

Look 1: Casual


I've worn this black/yellow blouse with trousers and sneakers several times - it's a look that makes me happy! The trousers take me back to the 70's, with a dash of outer space, which I like. I love highwaisted bell bottoms, and I think they are way too hard to find.


Look 2: Formal

The white blouse I picked up at Fretex. I think it gives a cleaner look, and I like to wear heels with the trousers.


Hilde wears her own FARRAH wool knit trousers in courageous red.