July 02, 2023

The OTO Collection

By Iben Bergstrøm
The OTO Collection

A collection involving a very personal story. Founder Iben Bergstrøm was diagnosed with the hearing disease otosclerosis in june last year. The OTO collection tells the tale of processing and accepting hearing loss and impairment of a sense we often take for granted. The OSSICLE dress symbolizes that everybody has their problems, but we have no choice but to carry on and celebrate life with all it's trap doors.⁠

The OTO Collection fabrics

The collection features italian fabrics of excellent quality. For the puffer jacket a custom nylon ripstop fabric has been created especially for this design. The puffer features a synthetic lining which dries faster and keeps its shape in rain. At CV we choose to not use down for our garments. MALLEUS quilted palazzos are made from Nona Source deadstock, which means that the fabric has been manufactured for a french maison and used for other designs previously. Using deadstock is an important part of the CV ethos for sustainability since manufacturing new textiles is one of the most polluting processes in fashion manufacturing. The fabric is a 100% cotton japanese brut denim. 

How to pre-order the collection

The OTO Collection can be pre-ordered until august 2023 with delivery autumn 2023. You can pre-order by buying the garment in the online store here or visit our flagship store in Bergen. 

Photos and video by Synne Sofi Bårdsdatter Bønes
Model: Live Skogesal